The History of KC Anthem

KC Anthem, An Internet TV Odyssey

KC Anthem began as an 'Online TV Show' in 2007, broadcast first on the KC Anthem TV Youtube and eventually live via  Two years later KC Anthem TV became the channel which hosted KC Anthem and 'Mister Smiley's Hell Tonight', a freestyle Internet broadcast by KC Anthem creator Jordan 'Smiley' Rogers.  Jordan soon gained attention within the Kansas City rock and metal scene for supporting and promoting local artists and musicians through KC Anthem TV.  By 2010 KC Anthem had changed to a new format in a new location.  From a living room in South Kansas City, KC Anthem TV was pioneering Internet broadcasting in Kansas City.  It was also during this time that Mr. Smiley was beginning to become interested in Software Development and began coursework at the University of Missouri - Kansas City for a Computer Science Degree.  Jordan is an experienced ASP.NET Developer and the KC Anthem Web Design Department specializes in responsive HTML5 page design. 

Video Production

Kansas City Video Production is a specialty of KC Anthem Studios.  Since 2003 Jordan 'Smiley' Rogers has struck out for a career in professional video.  Over the next decade Jordan shot a short film, numerous skits, dozens of live concerts, and ran a live broadcast Internet TV show for over 5 years while personally interviewing scores of bands in the process. 

Jordan Smiley has years of experience as a Videographer and Director.  Any project he's involved in will receive a special dose of his passion and enthusiasm for creative videography.  When you choose KC Anthem Studios for your video production we provide you with a pool of resources which we have developed throughout many years in the local industry.  We will find you the best deal and we can to meet your needs on a case by case basis. 

Major Works: 

Award for Best Video at Project Backstage Music Awards for High Rise Robots
Nominated for Best Videograper Project Backstage 2014
Produced DVD's for multiple bands and artists
Produced hundreds of Live Internet Broadcasts